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the polyphonic spree!

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The Spree's dark cousins have a new track... [08 Sep 2008|04:51pm]

The Secret Machines have released a new non-album track to give the fans a sampling of what is to be expected from their newest album "Secret Machines". This track is sick, and if the new album is anything like it and the new songs that I have heard live, then we have a real treat coming! It may seem hasty but I'm going to predict that "Secret Machines" will be my favorite album of the year.

Check out the non-album track here: http://www.worlds-fair.net/mail/SecretMachines/Dreaming%20of%20Dreaming.mp3

Read more about it and the new album here: http://worlds-fair.net/news/2008/08/14/the-secret-machines-release-exclusive-new-non-album-track/
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The Polyphonic Spree's latest single/video "We Crawl" [08 Feb 2008|07:10pm]

While you may have suspected that The Polyphonic Spree lived together in a commune or all shared one big bed, like The Monkees, the truth is very different as we see in their new video “We Crawl.” The video was shot giving each member of the band a video camera to shoot themselves singing the song in and around Dallas going about their daily business, sans robes or military-inspired fatigues.

The band members walk the streets, feed their kids, play their instruments and pick up their robes from the dry-cleaners, with relatively few shots where we see more than one of them at once. The song’s chorus of “Together we’re better” feels appropriate here, as we see the individual members who make up the band and hear what happens when these 23 people get together.

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The Spree in Denver [25 Jul 2007|12:00am]

[ mood | Spree! ]

Here's the set-list from the Spree's blistering show at the Gothic Theatre in Denver on Sunday night:

American Dream
Running Away
Hanging Around
Get Up & Go
It's The Sun (campfire version)
Light to Follow
Younger Yesterday
Fragile Army
We Crawl
Together We're Heavy
Soldier Girl
Light & Day
Hold Me Now
Ride Captain Ride
When The Fool Becomes A King

It was truly one of the most incredible shows I've seen. For you locals, the review will be in next month's edition of Colorado Music Buzz magazine. If I can, I'll try to post some photos when I get them back from our photographer.

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[20 Jul 2007|03:36pm]

I hate to spam everyone again -- but I will -- and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

I've posted all of the videos I can find on YouTube from the El Rey show on my blog.

Relive the experience.

X-posted per my usual.
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[20 Jul 2007|11:23am]

Some pictures of the Polyphonic Spree at the El Ray Theatre, taken by my new friend, Sarah Palmer. You can find more photos on her Flickr page.

(Again, apologies for X-posting _itsthesun, spreearmy, thespree.)

Thiry-one Polyphonic PhotosCollapse )
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